Healthy living

We each get just one beautiful and special life so why not live it to the fullest?

About me

I am a self-employed spiritual coach. I enjoy meditating more than all my other past times and I enjoy life above all. It is important to me for others to be able to live their life on their own terms. I live in New York and stress can get crazy. Instead of letting it get me all messed up I started working towards healthy management of that stress and healthy choices are the way to avoid what they call "burnout". Nobody wants that so I wanna share some of the tools in my toolbox for healthy management of stress.

Their is one massive up and comer that I use every day to maintain anxiety, pain, you name it. This is a natural way that we can all live again without the crippled style we all can fall into living like.

I want you to hear about the most beneficial tool you can have easily too in one of my blogs down below :)

a happier & healthier life